Code Of Conduct

Deon & Noed is built on a strong foundation that is based on our Code of Conduct. We have lived by these priorities from the very beginning. This empowers us to give outstanding quality service to our clients, because we serve our clients as the DNI team, confident in one another's skills, trust and commitment.

Deon & Noed 's Code of Conduct:
• We will serve our clients and the public at large with absolute integrity and objectivity, and with the highest degree of professional competence;
• We will serve our clients in confidence and with a professional sense of duty;
• We do not flatter ourselves to think that we can be all things to all people, but in those areas in which we choose to serve, we will strive to make the highest level of professional service available to our clients;
• Should the interest of our client run counter to the best interests of the public, the interests of the public must come first; and
• We expect each partner and employee to continually strive for self-improvement, and work for the continual improvement of the ability and efficiency of the firm.